Never Hungry,Never Craving

 Mind Set

The reason for this site is to hopefully set a few minds thinking. Take a new view on the subject of dieting and weight control. The idea for the book stems from my time living in America. What an amazing time too.

For once in my life I had the time and energy to do something outside of work. As my work was A.M only. Watching T.V after a while got boring,threw it out. Then I started people watching. Weird folk. Well they taught me things. About how we live. Our habits, including mine. Comparing my daily routine and habits to others led me to realize a few important differences .Ones that help me keep the way I am,56kg and 5' 7'' . Have never weighed any more. Not putting on weight means you don't have to lose it. Knowing how to avoid weight gain is the key.In the short book you will find out how never to be hungry. Then wonder why you ever were. Also to staunch the urges and cravings. Most important the causes of those cravings.None of it is rocket science. Lose the weight  and never see it again. 



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